I Can Afford Home Security

I had always avoided buying home security systems because of their price. I was already paying a lot of monthly bills and didn’t want to add another one into the fold. My job only gave me a limited amount of income to work with, so any new additions in the form of a bill would have to be cheap, or I wouldn’t be able to pay them. When I found out that home security systems by adt starts at $36.99 a month, I decided to reconsider my stance on having a security system. The price wasn’t outside the realm of something that I would be able to afford.

I went online and looked at the kinds of security systems ADT had to offer for the price they advertised and the system looked like a good one. I decided to purchase one of the systems and had a worker from their company come to install the system in my home later in the week. The worker installed the system in only an hour, and showed me how to activate it and use all of its features. I didn’t know the system actually came with a way to contact the police if no one shuts it off.

So far, I haven’t had to use the system for anything drastic. I arm the system every day, but no one has tried to break into my home. I guess people see the ADT logo outside of my home and don’t bother trying to break into it, or maybe my home just doesn’t look interesting enough to want to burglarize. In any case, I’m glad nothing has happened so far. If anything does happen, the system will at least make sure that anyone who tries to get into my home without my authorization won’t get away with it.