Getting Help Allows Me to Focus on School

As a medical student, I have very little extra time. I spend most of my time in classes or hitting the books at home. I simply do not have time to do things like cook a very large meal or even do much house cleaning for that matter. So, this is where I need to get help for these day-to-day things. Someone comes to clean my house once per week, and then I use a really good company that handles food delivery in tampa for residents.

If I did not have the ability to get outside help, I would end up living in a really messy place and no time eat much of anything except chips and other junk food snacks. I knew when I started med school that I would be easy, but I really felt that I would be able to handle things a bit more easily on my own. I tried at first, but that really affected me in the way of stress.

The company that cleans my place sends two employees over on Friday afternoon while I am in school. They let themselves in with the key that I leave for them. They do everything from mopping, vacuuming, doing dishes and more. It is a really big help to me, and it feels nice to be able to start my weekend with a fresh and clean place when I come home from school on Friday night.

The business that handles food delivery is fast and inexpensive. I can order a variety of different types of food, so I do not get tired of eating out. I simply make a phone call, let them know what I want and they deliver it to me within the hour. Everything is hot and fresh when it arrives. It allows me to focus on my school work, rather than spending my time in the kitchen cooking.